Program at a Glance

Location: Murray Hill Suite, Second Floor

Monday, December 11:

  • Integrating Digital + TV Production: Evolving to the Newsroom of the Future
  • Smart MAM, NRCS, Cloud: Imagining the Newsroom of the Future
  • Keynote: Campbell Brown, Facebook, Head of News Partnerships
  • Networking Break
  • The Contribution Revolution – ENG, IP, Mesh Networks, Private LTE
  • Dalet Case Study: Streamlining News Workflow at NBC Boston
  • Bits, Bots, Apps & More: Chasing Millennials in 2018
  • Avid Case Study: Compelling News Production in 2018
  • Graphics State of the Art: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, the Rise of Metadata
  • Cocktails with SVG Summit

Tuesday, December 12:

  • State of the Art: Drones & News Photography
  • Keynote: Micah Gelman, Director, Editorial Video, Washington Post
  • Aveco Case Study: Local and Remote News Excellence: Automation State of the Art
  • Tech Leaders on the Future of Newsroom Technology
  • Grass Valley Case Study: Modernizing Newsroom Systems With a Unique, Modular Approach
  • Digital Chiefs on the Multiplatform News Jungle