Andy Bocking

BBC, Head of Technology News

Andy Bocking has worked for the BBC for about 38 years. He started his career in BBC World Service in 1979 as a technical assistant. Bocking then moved to BBC English Regions (covering 38 local radio stations and 13 TV production centres) where he held a wide range of engineering, operational, and editorial roles across both TV and radio. During this time, he was heavily involved in the launch of new television services. Bocking also played a significant role in the development and implementation of audio, video production, and automation systems for the BBC.

In 2010, Bocking returned to London to take up the post of head of technology news. In this capacity, he oversaw the enormous technical challenges associated with the move of news from the Television Centre to the New Broadcasting House, which now houses the largest broadcast newsroom in Europe.

Bocking’s current role is the head of service development for network news, programs, current affairs, and events. He works with News in the development and delivery of technology that enables the digital transformation and production strategies that support both broadcast, digital, and mobile platforms.

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