Fabian Westerwelle

ABC News, Director, News Acquisition

Fabian Westerwelle was named director of news acquisition at ABC News in October 2016. In his current role, Westerwelle oversees all field transmission coordination and planning, as well as live streaming operations for the news network. Additionally, he has led or helped coordinate field operations for numerous significant news stories over the last few years. Over his ten years working in TV news operations, Westerwelle has focused on making production workflows more efficient and implementing big-picture operational improvements. His goal is to simplify production so that producers can put all their concentration into creating the most engaging content.

Currently, Westerwelle is working on a team that has built a new newsroom collaboration tool with the goal of transforming how ABC News communicates and organizes resources. He is also working on related software projects to modernize and integrate production workflows from acquisition to distribution.

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