Jon Ollwerther

Measure, VP, Media

Jon Ollwerther, VP of media, heads Measure’s Media division and brings years of drone service experience to Measure. He helped develop drones into a tool for media production and has worked on projects ranging from Fast & Furious 8, to The Good Wife, Billions, and Beyonce’s Lemonade. In concert with network partners, Ollwerther pioneered live broadcasting via drone for news and sports. He was responsible for the first live drone broadcasts in America.

Ollwerther also has extensive experience working with brands and advertising agencies looking to use drones in creative ways to make a splash. He has worked with drone service clients in over forty states and across three continents. Prior to joining Measure, Ollwerther helped build a national drone service company based in NYC.

Featured in: State of the Art: Drones & News Photography (Tuesday)

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