Lew Blanchette

Snell Advanced Media (SAM), System Architect

Lew Blanchette is senior technologist at Snell Advanced Media (SAM), responsible for the analysis of client needs and configuration of SAM news and sports production solutions to best address them.

Blanchette has extensive experience in both live and post production. He was a news editor at a local network affiliate handling live and breaking news, including continuous coverage during the Greek Fest riots in Virginia Beach. Blanchette was also an award-winning linear and nonlinear editor working with networks and ad agencies including HBO, The Family Channel, The Primm Company, and Hambright, Calcagno & Downing.

Blanchette moved to the manufacturer side of the industry with Leitch Technology where he was instrumental in developing a newsroom system for both large and small markets, and using server technology to create instant replay systems for the officiating replay system used by a major sports organization.

Featured in: Digital Chiefs on the Multiplatform News Jungle (Tuesday)

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