Thomas Desmeules

Astuce Media, CTO

Over the last 20 years, Thomas Desmeules has developed a passion for data-driven graphics and a reputation for being a creative problem solver working with both technical and creative teams. Currently as CTO of Astucemedia, he manages the software development team and actively participates in integration projects. Desmeules helps with the technical challenges and has been heavily involved with data-integration in the graphics workflow.

Prior to joining Astucemedia, Desmeules worked at companies such as Matrox, Miranda, and Sliq, as well as a few years independently. His projects have spanned from U.S. election-night coverage, the Indy 500, real-time financial feeds, network rebrands, and countless dynamic templates. With a background in computer engineering, Desmeules will be programming REST APIs as a full-stack developer one day, helping with template scripts another, and consulting on graphics packages the next.

With the latest advances in graphics engine technologies, Desmeules and the team at Astucemedia are excited to bring data-driven AR to the forefront of what’s next of broadcast graphics.

Featured in: Graphics State of the Art: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, the Rise of Metadata

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